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Don't buy a car lemon. Obtain a Used Car Report online within minutes and make an informed decision. It is your best protection from driving off with damaged goods.


Critical Used Car information that you should obtain before buying a pre-owned automobile:

* Vehicle Description - Verify critical information associated with the vehicle. Attributes such as: year, make, model, body style, engine type and country of manufacture are verified.

* Title Check - Check for reported damage such as, fire damage, hail damage, grey market, lien, lemon/manufacturer buyback, odometer discrepancy, rebuilt/rebuildable, salvage/junk, water damage.

* Problem Check - VIN - Make - Model - Year info will cross check information collected from independent sources, including NHTSA crash test vehicle, failed emission/safety inspection, frame damage, insurance loss, major damage incident, odometer discrepancy from auction data, salvage auction and theft.

* Odometer Check - This report section compares all mileage readings from the state or other independent sources. It also flags any odometer rollback or rollover.

* Vehicle Usage - This report section verifies past vehicle usage, including dealer plates, driver education, fleet, lease, livery use, government use, police use, rental and taxi use.

* Full History - Get the complete vehicle history in chronological order. Any problem or discrepancy event is highlighted for alert.


Know your rights!
Can an ordinary citizen protect himself from being victimized? You bet he can!

There are three distinct sets of laws that are applicable to defective vehicles and products.


Lemon laws are now in effect in all but 2 states. Lemon Laws differ from state to state, but do follow basic guidelines.

1. The STATE WARRANTY RIGHTS ACTS define what a lemon car is and require that the manufacturer, not the dealer, corrects the defects. If a number of attempts have been made to repair a defect that significantly impairs the use, value or safety of a car and the car continues to have this defect, the car is than considered to be a "Lemon."

2. Most statutes set up a warranty rights period of either 12 to 24 months or 12,000 to 24,000 miles. The defects must occur sometime during this period.

3. Many of the state lemon laws contain specific guidelines as to what constitutes a sufficient number of attempts to repair, and whether these attempts entitle you, the consumer, to a refund or replacement. These are:

     a. If the defect is a serious safety defect involving brakes and/or steering, the manufacturer is granted one attempt to repair.
     b. If there is a safety defect that is not considered a serious safety defect, the manufacturer has two attempts to repair.

  c. For any other defect, the manufacturer is usually given three or four chances to repair the same defect.
     d. If at any time the vehicle is in the shop for a cumulative total of 30 days in a one year period, with at least one of those days occurring in the first 12,000 miles.

If any one of these 4 guidelines can be satisfied, the consumer is usually given the right to require repurchase or replacement of his/her vehicle.

4. Most lemon laws do allow an offset for use of the vehicle by the consumer. Oftentimes, a reduction in the consumer's purchase price is used in relation to the number of miles you had put on the car. One lemon law spells out the reduction in refund for use as follows:

(miles at time of refund X purchase price)/120,000

The consumer can often argue that he/she should not be charged for miles that were put on the vehicle after the first try to repair the defect. For example, what if you the allow a dealer many attempts to repair a defect over a period of several thousand miles? Should the manufacturer be allowed to reduce your refund for the period of time he was unsuccessful in fixing the defect? Our answer is no. The above formula should be used to compute the mileage at the time of the repair attempt. This can often make a difference of several hundred dollars to you the consumer.

Don't settle for a lemon!

 Has your dream car been:

  • Stolen or salvaged?
  • In a flood or hail storm?
  • In an accident or fire?
  • Rebuilt?
  • A victim of potential odometer roll back?
  • Used as a rental or fleet vehicle?
  • A taxi or police car?




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